830 Days

730 days.

104 weeks.

24 months.

2 years.

In the spring of 2006 I picked up a copy of World of warcraft on the advice of a friend and coworker. A friend who introduced me to the game and unknown to me until just recently made sure I leveled the hard way. Knowing that the guildies who would eventually become my friends would have helped me out he insisted that I be left to my own devices. He came down and dropped off a few bags and that was about it. Learning the way I did made me a better player. When I see him again I’ll have to thank him for that.

I played through the month that came with the game and then a 60 day game card before I let it expire for the summer.

That fall I received a game card for my birthday (the 37th if your curious). Since it fell on a Tuesday I decided not to start it back up until the next day. So that is how it came to pass that my oldest character Decado (now named Dekado after a server transfer) came to be born. August 29th, 2006.

Looking back on the last two years I realize how lucky I have actually been.

I have made some friends, several that talk to outside the game now more than I do inside. People who were there for me when I needed an ear to bend about the curve balls life throws at us all. People I have listened to when the curves were thrown their way. I don’t care what anyone says, people met online can be just as much a friend as someone met in person.

It is a lot to think back on. Two years of memories.

This weekend I am going to head out camping, and Dekado will be spending it in the Worlds End tavern. I will be sitting (possibly mildly inebriated) at a campfire enjoying the company of the friends that happen live close enough to be there. I am sure my thoughts will from time to time drift over to the friends I have made through the game. There might be more distance involved, but they are friends just the same.

I just figured I would drop in and tell Dekado “happy birthday. Have a good time at the tavern, I’ll see you next week.”


A bit off topic

Just as a forewarning  this post has little if anything to do with the World of Warcraft. I have a couple of posts brewing in the still out back, but nothing is done at the moment.

Just remember “we will serve no post before it’s time”



One thing I do have going on however is a bit of art work. I have had an Idea in my head for a good long time about A tattoo I wanted to get done. I never found the right combination of the time to do it, an artist I trusted to do it right, and the cash to pay for it all at the same time.

Until about 10 days ago.

A good friend of mine managed to take the image I have had running around in my head for years and turn it into the piece of art I have been waiting for. So after years of waiting and a few hours of tattooing I finally had it done.

To avoid the risk of offending anyone who came here for Warcraft commentary and not pictures of body art I will put the photo of it behind a link. If you are curious, or if you are one of the folks I told I would post it, here you go. (yes it is safe for work)

Dechion’s Wolf

Yes I understand this is off topic, but heck its my blog right =)

And now back out to the still, I gotta check and see if any of my relevant posts are done fermenting.

What lies beneath


This week I have had a bit of a project going on IRL that has kept me both busy and tired. Several months ago I noticed that the rather heavy weight of snow from the previous year had caused my front porch to settle and shift a bit. When spring found it’s way to my little corner of the world I crawled up underneath to check the structure and foundation in that area. What did I find?

There was no concrete footing under my porch. None, nothing, it was wood sitting on dirt. Worse was that, checking showed me that it was designed into the house as a load bearing wall. Not only was my porch settleing it was putting extra strain on everything else in the house. My first thought was to get angry. After all I paid good money for the house, I paid a home inspector to check it for problems, I looked at it from a lot of angles. It looked great on the outside. Who would have suspected that something like part of the foundation would be missing?

After my ranting and complaining about how this was unfair, cursing and blaming the folks who rebuilt the porch for taking “the easy way out” I did what I always do. I sat and thought about how to fix the problem.

In this case it turned out to be putting in concrete footings under each of 5 posts that hold everything up. So for the next week or two I climbed under the porch and dug holes. Each as big around as a basketball, four feet deep, and each filled with over 500Lbs of concrete. The last one was poured full of hand mixed concrete late last night. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the concrete to cure and I can install the new beams to make everything solid again. It will look as good on the inside as it does from the street.

What the Hell does any of this have to do with warcraft?

Other than the fact that it has kicked my playtime square in the privates (with large cement covered boots) it has given me lots of time to think about things. When I work and think about things I often think about Warcraft and how to make it better. I might be figuring out a different use for one of my hunters traps (like pulling something I plan to kite through a snake trap for the slowing effect and damage instead of just the slowing effect of a frost trap) or perhaps thinking of a different way to approach an instance I have been having problems with. Perhaps I am just making a list in my head of things to do when I do have a chance to log in.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the new recruit a friend program and how it effects not only me but others as well. I know I posted about this once already but the comments got me thinking about why it really bothers me.



I am worried about the foundation.

I am worried that if someone doesn’t get in there and fix the real problems with leveling instead of glossing over it with something shiny the whole thing might collapse.

I am not so much concerned with the program but about what decisions behind the scenes caused it.

I am worried that even though it looks great from the street something is wrong were a person can’t see it.

Wrong in a way I don’t have the ability to fix.

That’s what bothers me.

A good, bad, good day

I was planning a post today about how I think the new spellpower stat may effect my priest. That post however has gone to the back burner for today (perhaps I will revisit it later this week). I decided today to share an experience of mine from yesterday afternoon.

Ever heard of killing someone with kindness?

Well, contrary to what my son said it does not mean being beaten up by kittens and puppies (kids say the darnedest things). In this case it involved people (my kids) doing something really really nice for me, but with potentialy dire consequences.

You see, out of the blue, with no prior warning, the sneaky buggers jumped into action. They recognized a mess when they saw one. (they should, look at their rooms. but I digress) While I was busy out trying in vain to avoid work while still getting paid it happened. They cleaned. Living room, dining room, dishes, even that place behind the garage where the garbage cans go was cleaned. That’s when it happened.

They cleaned the computer room.

Something was out of place, but I just could not put my finger on what. They were not fools though, not by a long shot. They knew that the bin full of mail and bills and such was off limits. They put all the manuals and disks that seemed to have no home in a plastic tote for my later organising pleasure. they dusted and swept. The place looked great and I told them so.

A few minutes later I grabbed a bottle of dew and headed over to the computer to sign in and scan the auction house while getting some lunch together. That’s when it hit me. I knew what was out of place.

my authenticator was missing!

An hour of more and more frantic searching later it was just as gone as when we started. I had gone out of my way to secure my account and it turns out the one locked out of it was me. After making sure in a proper fatherly way that the kids knew I was not mad at them, I proceeded to bite the bullet and call Blizzards customer service. You see I have only dealt indirectly with them once (When my brothers account was hacked) and It was about as pleasant as shaving with sandpaper.

Preparing myself for a long drawn out process in getting my account unlocked so I could access it again, I thought to myself “well, at least I parked in the inn. I’ll have lots of rest xp” And then I called.

I waded through several layers of phone menu’s nothing really seemed to apply. They really need an “I’m a noob, just let me talk to a person” button in the beginning. There is one, it just took a little waiting to find. I believe it actually said “to speak to a customer service agent press 3” or some such, but it meant the same thing.

After spending about 14 minutes on hold A rather pleasant gentleman came on the line. He told me his name was Gilbert and asked mine. He asked what was going on, I told him about the missing authenticator. My questions for him were what it would now take to remove it from the account in question, and in the event I found it later (there is always hope it did not end up in the trash) if it could be reinstated onto the account or was that serial number listed as “lost” or some-such.

After a minute or so on hold while he checked on this particular problem he came back on, we checked my name, billing address, secret question, and after some scrounging through the manuals and cd’s looking for it my cd key. You know the one you need to prove the disks are yours? The one you put “someplace safe” so it would not get lost? Yea, you know what I mean, but I digress again.

Where were we? CD key? right. well after giving my info and proving I was me he informed me that it was taken care of. No waiting like I had thought it was done while we were still on the phone. Start to finish I think I was one the phone about 20 minutes. I have spent that long on hold waiting to talk to someone at other places.

He was also kind enough to let me know that should I find the authenticator in the future buried in a couch cushion or something I could simply go back to account management and set it back up the same way I had when I first got it. Further he informed  me that there was in fact a procedure to remove one even if you cannot find your original CD key (there was a time when I thought I might not find it). This involves having E-paperwork sent to the registered email on the account and working it through that way, however it would by necessity take longer than doing it over the phone.

Overall It was a surprisingly painless experience considering what my only prior exposure to them had been A bad one. Although having an account issue is never fun, I really appreciated them getting me back in the game so quickly. The odds of Gilbert or anyone at Blizz that knows him reading this are pretty slim. If you do stumble across this, thanks. You took a good chunk of the “bad” out of my day.

Truely epic

I don’t plan to do a whole series of “I raided last night and got the following loot” type of posts. I will smile and say I reached a bit of a milestone last night. My raiding main ( a holy priest) has been forever running around with A crafted blue dps helm gemmed for healing and a set of level 60 blue gloves also gemmed for healing.

In my Kara run this weekend that finaly changed, From Attumen I picked up the gloves of saintly blessings and from Prince the light collar of the incarnate. So now as soon as I farm up some enchanting mats I will be in full epics with not a single pvp item to be found.

*pats own back*

That being said, that was not my good news. The best most truely epic things happen in real life, not as purple pixels in a game. For truly epic I need to look towards next Saturday.

Even though she plays a pretty good warlock this has nothing to do with Warcraft. My oldest daughter Meg will graduate high school this week. I am tremendously proud of her, and feel like telling everyone. So if you happen to be one of the few who stumble across my ramblings you get stuck reading about it. You see I was a dropout, I never got the chance to experience many of the things she has. A parent will always hope for their kids to do better than they did, Meg has fulfilled that wish and then some.

Did I mention she already found herself a good job? Or that she decided to start MONDAY? That’s right, after her graduation ceremony on Saturday she took a whole one day off to enjoy herself before starting her post highschool life as A productive member of society. Did I mention I am proud of her?

*Pats Meg’s back in public, even though the thought of it annoys her*

Good job kid, dad’s mighty proud.




This ticks me off…

Todays off topic rant brought to you by the inconsiderate a$$hat who just burned me with his cigarette butt on my way home from work.

1. Watch out for other people, you might pay taxes for them but you do not own the road.

2. The world is not your ashtray, if you decide you want to smoke please keep your debris to yourself. Buy a %^$#ing ashtray already.

3. To the teenage looking girl who almost ran into me when I nearly laid my bike down, get off the &^#$@ phone and pay attention to driving the car.

4. To the grizzled old biker guy who stopped to make sure I was ok when I had pulled over to get a$$hats cigarette butt out of my shirt, thank you. It goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover.

That is all, rant over.

Look for the next installment of my warlock project on Monday when I get back from camping.