Looks like someone was listening

A while back I made a post about engineering changes I would like to see. 

As was pointed out this morning by Suicidal Zebra (with that handle you totally need the zhevera mount) apparently someone was listening. Here are a few of the things I asked for that are actually coming to pass (at least in Beta)

I asked for an explosive that would work on siege engines. I envisioned something more for slowing or crowd controlling them, but it looks like we are getting these.



I really love how the second one hurts you as much as it hurts them, now that’s engineering.


I asked for the new repair bot to also function as a portable mailbox. Well I did not get it attached to a repair bot but it appears the mailbox is actually going to happen.


Wow that thing is going to come in handy, everyone in a raid now needs to keep extra food, flasks, arrows, and reagents in their mailbox.

I talked about craftable land mounts. I was thinking something looking like a Segway, but I will be dancing in the streets over the one they have put in.


Even after all this though, My absolute favorite thing that they brought into the game has to be this one.

What can I say, I am speechless.


2 Responses

  1. So, gnomes are swiss then? Who’d have thunk it? lol.

    I gave up engineering on my gnome mage for tailoring, and i regret it to this day. Oh well, flying carpets, woot!

  2. Oh man.. for the first time I am tempted to take up Engineering :/ That’s a lot of fun new toys!!

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