How to not be broke while leveling

For starters let me just say this is not intended to be a specific guide to farming, auction house manipulation, or anything of the sort. This is a list of things I do when leveling a new character. I never am truly hurting for equipment, my skills stay up to date, and I have money for each of my mounts by the time I get to the level requirement.

I am going to assume you are either new to the game, new to your server, or are just trying to make your alt self sufficient. Either way most of what I have to say is the same. It works for me, it should work for everyone. It is based mostly on the fact that high level characters have money easily accessible to them.

In about an hour of running dailies at 70 you could finance a character all the way to 40, including their first mount. in short, they have disposable income. The trick is to get them to dispose of it in my direction. Just how do I plan to go about this you ask? I’ll just grab a cup of coffee and get started.



Create a Bank character, and use it.

First thing I do on a new server is create my “main” character. The second, usually before I even start playing my main is to create a bank character and run him to the city. Personally I roll trolls and run them to Orgrimmar or humans and run them to Stormwind, but do what you like.

There are three main things you get from having a bank character.

First, you save time. Using the mail system your main is now able to grab stuff from the bank from any town with a mailbox. just log into you bank character and mail it out.

Second, you will save money. Just like a real bank if you don’t carry your money around in your pockets you are less likely to spend it impulsively.

Third, you will gain extra storage space in the form of your alt’s bank and bag slots. If you are a pack rat like me you will use it all.


Using tradeskills to rake in the cash.

As far as I am concerned the only trade skills a person should have while leveling up are gathering skills, I always go with skinning and pair it with either mining or herbalism. That way I can have the tracking going all the time. 

Weather I choose herbing or mining depends on what end game skills I plan to have on the character. For instance if I am going to be an alchemist at 70 (or soon to be 80) I would choose skinning and herbing, you get the idea.

If you are thinking you are going to be missing out on lots of crafted items during leveling up you are mistaken. Your quest rewards will be enough to see you through to the level cap in most cases, the few cases that they are lacking you can always gather the materials yourself and have it crafted by someone else who has leveled a “production” skill.

Note: Please remember to tip your crafters, they are much more likely to do business with you in the future.


Addons can be your best friend

There are lots of addons out there. You can find one to do most anything. My all time favorite addon is Auctioneer, it follows the pricing trends in the auction house and helps to auction more effectively. It also has a feature of telling you what things are worth when you are away from the auction house. Once in a while you will have to drop something from your bags to make room, this can help you drop the right thing.


The auction house is your best friend, and your worst enemy.

While leveling up you are going to come across everything from old rusty weapons to exotic gems. Bits of cloth, eye of newt and toe of frog, you name it. Well most of it has value to someone. If it is white or better it gets sent to my banker for later auctioning, I keep the greys to vendor for my normal operating expenses.

I make money off the oddest things. I sell everything from the leather, herbs, and ore I collect to crunchy spider legs and pieces of cloth. Anything white or better gets run through the auction house at least once. You will be amazed what this can do for you. Right now on one server I am leveling a hunter as an experiment in proving this way of doing things still works in our current inflated economy. At level 12 he is running around with three 8 slot bags and already has 13g in the bank towards his mount at level 40. This was done just by selling herbs, leather,  cloth, and other odds and ends gathered while questing. I will update later at what point I have the 100G for my first mount saved up.

The thing to remember about the auction house is that you are there to sell, with rare exceptions you should not be shopping. The exception to this for me is decent sized bags as soon as I can afford them and every 5 to 8 levels or so I will go check the auction house for a good deal on an upgrade for my primary weapon. With my hunter for instance I make sure I have a decent ranged weapon and let everything else take care of itself. I don’t go pick up new stuff all the time, I wait until it will be a significant upgrade, and I almost always wait until a level ending in 1 or 2. That way I avoid most of the markup on “twink” items.

If you are doing some shopping just remember there is a difference between needing something and wanting it. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. Save your buying because you want it for level 70 when you too have access to the money bucket called “dailies”.


Grinding for fun and profit

There is much to be said for questing as the fastest way to level up, It is the method I use as do most of my friends. There are others that swear by grinding their way up. While effective it’s just not my thing. Grinding for money though can be. My personal favorites for grinding are skinnable beasts and humanoids.

I like humanoids because they drop cash and cloth, along with the occasional green item. While it can be profitable to grind them, and your bags will need emptying less often, I typically steer more towards beasts.

I love grinding beasts because I always level with skinning, effectively letting me loot each mob twice. My personal favorite are turtles. They give good experience, they are typically neutral so you can pull one at a time without any worries about adds, they drop turtle meat which sells well in the auction house, grey vendor items that pay for my daily expenses, and with skinning they also give me leather and turtle scales to sell.


Summing it all up

Gathering + gathering = profit

Sell more, Buy less = profit

Kill, loot, skin, repeat = profit

And most importantly if it starts seeming like a second job, find another way. We are all here to have fun and get away from work.


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