Alchemy Leveling Guide

I was looking online today and noticed that while there are dozens of different guides to leveling trade skills and I was unable to find one set up for what I specifically wanted to do.

My plan here is to level my character with two gathering skills for the money, Herbalism will be one of them. Once I am at or near the level cap I will drop the other gathering profession and pick up Alchemy.  I will only keep what I will need for leveling on a bank alt, while selling the rest. This plan could be used in that way, or to level as you go. It would also work well if you were already level 70 and changing professions.

The things I was looking at as I put this together were trying to only use the recipes at orange if at all possible, for the guaranteed skill up. On a few occasions I went away from that, but usually on recipes that will sell well. I also tried to steer clear of faction specific recipes as much as possible since I hate rep grinding. There is a grand total of one faction recipe in my plan. 

level 1 – 55

Visit the trainer and pick up the apprentice skill level (requires level 5)

Minor healing potion X55

peacebloom x1

silverleaf x1

empty vial x1

level 55 – 100

 Visit the trainer and pick up the journeyman skill level (requires level 10)

lesser healing potionx55

Minor healing potion x 1

briarthorn x1

level 100 – 110

Elixer of water breathing x10 

stranglekelp x1

blackmouth oilx1 (oily blackmouth x2, empty vial)

level 110 – 130

Healing potion x20

bruiseweed x1

briarthorn x1

Head back to the trainer for your expert training (requires level 20)

level 130 – 155

Elixer of defense x25

wild steelbloom x1

stranglekelp x1

leaded vial x1

level 155 – 175

Greater healing potion x20

liferoot x1

kingsblood x1

leaded vial x1

level 175 – 185

Mana potion x15

stranglekelp x1

kingsblood x1

leaded vial x1

level 185 – 205

Elixer of agility x20

stranglekelp x1

goldthorn x1

leaded vial x1

Hit up your trainer for your artisan level training (requires level 35)

Level 205 – 215

Elixer of greater defense x10

wild steelbloom x1

goldthorn x1

leaded vial x1

level 215 – 235

Superior healing potion x25

sungrass x1

khadgar’s whisker x1

crystal vial x1

level 235 – 250

Elixer of greater intellect x15

blindweed x1

khadgar’s whisker x1

crystal vial x1

level 250 – 265

Elixer of demon slaying x 15

gromsblood x1

ghost mushroom x1

level 265 – 280

Elixer of superior defense x15

stonescale oil x2 (stonescal eel, leaded vial)

sungrass x1

crystal vial x1

Yet again we will hit up the trainer, for master level (requires level 55)

Level 280 – 290

Major healing potion x12 (list in stacks of 4 in the AH)

golden sansam x2

mountain silversage x1

crystal vial x1

level 290 – 300

Elixer of the mongoose  x 15  (the only drop recipe In the plan. pick up in the AH.)

mountain silversage x2

plaugebloom x2

crystal vial x1

level 300 – 310

Adepts elixer x10

dreamfoil x1

felweed x1

imbued vial x1

level 310 – 325

Elixer of healing power x15

golden sansam x1

dreaming glory x1

imbued vial x1

level 325 – 340

Super healing potion x15

netherbloom x2

felweed x1

level 340 – 355

Super mana potion x15 (limited spawn vendor recipe)

dreaming glory x2

felweed x1

level 355- 365

Major dreamless sleep potion x10 (vendor recipe)

dreaming glory x1

nightmare vine x1

Now we come down to a few different options. If you have a few days and some Patience you can follow the route I will be, and that is to get revered with sporregar for the recipe: transmute primal earth to primal water,. I will then buy, transmute, and sell once a day till 375. if you need to be at 375 right away here are the easiest alternatives I see. Either continue making major dreamless sleep potions until 375 ( recipe turns yellow at 365, green at 372) or grind Cenarion expedition rep for the major nature protection potion. I will probably just do the transmutes.

level 365 – 375 (transmute method)

transmute primal earth to primal water, (requires Sporregar, revered)

Primal earth x1

level 365 – 375 (alternative method)

Major nature protection potion x10(requires Cenerion expedition, exalted)

priaml life x1

mana thistle x3

imbued vial x5


Here is a list of all the required materials for the crafting, just so I know what to stockpile before selling the rest off. Note these mats are based on doing primal earth to primal water transmutes from 365 to 375. If you go one of the other routes adjust your stockpile accordingly.

Peacebloom 55

Silverleaf 55

Briarthorn 75

Stranglekelp 70

Oily blackmouth 40

Bruiseweed 20

Wild steelbloom 35

Liferoot 20

Kingsblood 35

Goldthorn 30

Sungrass 40

Khadgar’s whisker 40

Blindweed 15

Gromsblood 15

Ghost mushroom 15

Stone scale eel 30

Golden sansam 39

Mountain silversage 42

Plaugebloom 30

Dreamfoil 10

Felweed 40

Dreaming glory 55

Netherbloom 30

Nightmare vine 10

Primal earth 10



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