Profession guides

Over the time I have been playing I have always tried to come up with a plan for things. It has always seemed to make things easier. The guides I am going to post are not the only way to level these professions, just what I consider easiest and most economical. They will all be tweaked a bit before I post them to follow the following rules.

1. I will use recipes only until they turn yellow as often as possible to guarantee skillups.

2. I will try to avoid faction specific recipes. If I do list one I will also list what I consider the best alternative.

3. I will also try to avoid limited spawn recipes, but if I use one it was worth the nuisance of getting it.

4. I am not concerned with making profits on the way up, merely leveling the skill using the least amount of the cheapest mats.

linked under this will be all the guides, as I finish them.

Alchemy Leveling Guide

Leveling fishing and cooking together (alliance version)

Leveling fishing and cooking together (horde version)

Leatherworking leveling guide

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