I am no longer Nameless

I started Benameless four months ago on a whim.

I was sitting around and thinking of all the lists and little guides and such I had posted on various guild forums. At the time I was going back through my pile of links to access it all and found that some of it had simply vanished. Guilds disbanded and forums gone. So I went to my handy backup stored on a USB flash drive. I found it had been cleared off to make room for music files by one of my kids. Lists, guides, screenshots, and jokes….Gone…just Gone. I should have safeguarded my saved a copy, lesson learned.

I gathered what I could still find in an effort to safeguard it. Some things on still active forums, a few saved files, and some handwritten notes, even one post I dug up on the Wow forums. Once I got it all in one place and looked at what was left I realised that although I wrote things for myself the reason I kept posting and re-posting things was that others might use it as well.

At that moment I decided to start putting what I had salvaged up in the form of a blog. I intended it to be a site distanced from myself. A place to post my little guides and lists and such where interested people could still find them. Like a shelf in the garage where I could safeguard them from further loss.

What I did not foresee was the amount of enjoyment I would get from writing about things other than just lists and guides. I thought that the site would be separate from both my real life and my characters within the game. Like many other times, I was wrong. I have written about both more than once. This site has become more than a closet to store my old notes till I need them again, it has become my place on the Web. It has outgrown what it once started as.

Be Nameless no longer fits. It has grown beyond that, and so have I. I am no longer Nameless and neither are my characters. I am Dechion *hold out hand* pleased to meet you.

To those find this site while searching for something, those who subscribe to my feed, and those most excellent folks who link to my blog, please take a walk down the hallway with me. From this nameless site over to Dechion’s Place.

I will keep Be Nameless up and running as long as it still gets traffic, however this will be the last new post I make here. I am no longer Nameless.


2 Responses

  1. *follows the link over*

  2. […] more about the game as a whole and of my adventures in it. When the original blog Be Nameless no longer seemed to fit I picked up stakes and moved over here to Dechion’s […]

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