830 Days

730 days.

104 weeks.

24 months.

2 years.

In the spring of 2006 I picked up a copy of World of warcraft on the advice of a friend and coworker. A friend who introduced me to the game and unknown to me until just recently made sure I leveled the hard way. Knowing that the guildies who would eventually become my friends would have helped me out he insisted that I be left to my own devices. He came down and dropped off a few bags and that was about it. Learning the way I did made me a better player. When I see him again I’ll have to thank him for that.

I played through the month that came with the game and then a 60 day game card before I let it expire for the summer.

That fall I received a game card for my birthday (the 37th if your curious). Since it fell on a Tuesday I decided not to start it back up until the next day. So that is how it came to pass that my oldest character Decado (now named Dekado after a server transfer) came to be born. August 29th, 2006.

Looking back on the last two years I realize how lucky I have actually been.

I have made some friends, several that talk to outside the game now more than I do inside. People who were there for me when I needed an ear to bend about the curve balls life throws at us all. People I have listened to when the curves were thrown their way. I don’t care what anyone says, people met online can be just as much a friend as someone met in person.

It is a lot to think back on. Two years of memories.

This weekend I am going to head out camping, and Dekado will be spending it in the Worlds End tavern. I will be sitting (possibly mildly inebriated) at a campfire enjoying the company of the friends that happen live close enough to be there. I am sure my thoughts will from time to time drift over to the friends I have made through the game. There might be more distance involved, but they are friends just the same.

I just figured I would drop in and tell Dekado “happy birthday. Have a good time at the tavern, I’ll see you next week.”


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  1. 1 year in the game seems like an eternity to me. You know the saying that one year in the life of a dog is equivalent to seven years for us? It’s the same in the game. All those people you’ve met. All those memories. All those friendships. So real. So hard for anyone outside of the game to understand.
    Happy birthday!

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