I think I am turning into an ant

A while back I did a post on how I was looking at the upcoming expansion. I was happy with where I was, and was just really content to hop on, run an instance or a few dailys, even the odd battleground. The one thing I was not doing is looking towards the future.


I think my attitude has changed a bit.


I was sitting around thinking in a way I only ever do when I an tired, caffeinated, and in an otherwise deserted office after a holiday weekend. My thoughts turned to my newest character. My hunter will make 58 this afternoon, at which point I will be heading off to outlands in search of phat quest lootz. More importantly I was thinking what I will do once she hits 70.

I have been using much of my time to level my alt, what next? I don’t really have the desire to level another alt at this point. Most of the rep will be useless in a few months so farming reputation, while not really a waste of time, is not a big focus. I was trying to think what would benefit my character most in the long run. 

Then it hit me, I should get my epic flier. Definitely for my hunter as she will be the farmer for my team of characters. Possibly even for my priest as well. Since Blizz has announced that there will be no higher level of riding skill required in Northrend I can get my epic flier and it will last all the way to 80. I decided I would put my effort there. Do some farming, do some dailies, generally gather cash for those skills.


That’s when I realized I was starting to plan for the upcoming expansion. I was getting ready for the future even while playing for the now. I have gone from the grasshopper to the ant.


2 Responses

  1. I’m definitely making more of an effort this time around compared to when TBC was released. I’m trying to get my highest lvl alts to 70 asap so that it’s less of a burden to get them that last lil hurdle to 80. Other than that though, the money-hording is most definitely NOT going well!

  2. Actually I really don’t think hoarding cash is going to help much in the long run, neither will large quantities of crafting mats. After the inital burst of folks powerleveling new professions on thier death knights is over that is.

    Before I get way into the why though, I think I’ll revisit that in a day or two as another post.

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