Reroll, for the end is at hand

I was sitting here doing a bit of thinking this morning. OK, maybe more than a little But I honestly did not know the only thing to drink at work this morning would be coffee. If I had known that I would not have had that 5 hour energy drink when I got up for the day.

So now that I am like buzzy the hummingbird here in my basement office I get to ponder the future of the world (of warcraft). I would ponder the future of the real world, but frankly its too depressing for this early in the morning. Save that for the afternoon news.


I like to be prepared. I want to do things in the most efficient way I can. I don’t get a whole lot of time to play, so I want to make the most of what I do. I need two things in order to make a plan. I need to know where I am and where I am going. Just like anything from going to wal-mart for this weekends chips and soda to going to the moon you need to have a plan to get there.

It looks like the next expansion is going to happen later this year, I am guessing November but then again I have just about as much special insignt into the inner workings of Blizzard then I have into unified field theory. Actually less, since I can ask questions about unifird field theory and actually get answers. I might not understand the answer, but it would be there.

With that in mind I am looking into rerolling for the expansion. Not necessarily to replace my existing characters but to give more diversity (the more you level diverse it gets). I don’t want to hit 80 on my priest, gear him up, and sit in town waiting on someone to need heals. I want a solo character as well. It will help keep my cheese fresh both now while leveling and at 80 when I can fill multiple roles by logging onto a different character.

Looking at where I am now I look a little disjointed. There is however a method to my madness. These are the main characters I am working on at the moment.


Dechion, level 70 my human holy priest and raiding main.

Dekado, level 70 my troll hunter, semi retired, runs with my in laws when they need some dps.

Drupadi, level 45 dreani hunter, planned to be my soloing main in WotLK.   

Dechion, (yes another one) level 14 dreani hunter, my “other server” alt and experimental toon.


Yes I see the trend there too. My first 70 was my troll hunter. I missed it enough that I rolled a couple more. A hunter makes a great farmer and a great raiding dps, I eventually intend to have one for each with different gear, specs, and tradeskills to support that. I also plan to bring my priest along to 80.

I do like healing, however most of the friends I run with on that server are healers, which makes grouping with them outside raids unlikely. So what does this tell me? It tells me that although I will have my priest and likely still run 10 mans with him, I also need to level and gear at least one of my dreani hunters so that I can group with friends again.

Where does this put me now? Leveling 2 characters and at very least getting them both their basic flying mount before the expansion hits should put quite enough on my plate for now. Professions? Meh, I will keep them both double gatherers for the foreseeable future. If I have not gotten my epic fliers at 70 I will farm enough cash leveling to 80 to afford it on everyone.

At least I know were I am going to go from here, so now I have a plan. Now back to the coffe pot, just a little more and I will be able to achieve flight…….


Inflation, your friend

The other day I wrote a bit about inflation. At high levels your earnings potential is way up there compared to what it once was, we can only assume it will continue to be like that on into the WotLK.

Anna posted in the comments of that post a worry about how inflation has the potential to hurt low level players that don’t have a high level “sugar daddy” character to sponge off of. I thought about it a bit over the past few days and realized I might have a way out of that trap. If you understand what inflation is doing to the in game economy you can use it to help you out instead of bankrupting you.



I have started alts on several different servers. some have a high level to drop them cash and such, but most are self sufficient. I sat and thought about how my spending habits change when I don’t have a 70 handy to hit up for lunch money. What I wrote down is not really a “money making guide” per say, its just what I do when leveling solo and it works for me.

So take a look, kick the tires, and take it for a test drive. Remember, the gold you save might be your own.

How I keep my pockets full while leveling.

Get your nether twisted

If you have somehow stumbled upon my humble abode and have not yet heard of the Twisted Nether Blogcast this weeks was even better than last, and last weeks was great.

Please head on over and get your nether twisted.  It is well worth your time.

Go on, trust me, my little corner of the blogoverse will be here when you get back.


Misfortune cookie

Last night as I was eating my take out something happened, something odd.


I had a thought. For some reason this does not happen all that often while munching on fried rice and watching old reruns of Gilligan’s Island with the kids. Fortune cookies always say the nicest things. Life is not always nice. My MSG loaded brain made the connection…. what we need are misfortune cookies.  

I don’t mean in real life, although having a chance to get a fortune that said “your day will suck” or “I sense bad gas in your future” or some other such funniness as opposed to always being nice would be downright entertaining. I mean in warcraft. 



We already have savory deviate delights, let us have misfortune cookies. Give them a few dozen random messages and make like 25% of them bad ones. “I see many wipes in your future”, “Say hello the the spirit healer for me”, “All today’s drops would be perfect for your other character” things like that. Make it fun.



While we are at it, Give me a magic eight ball that on use gives a random party buff depending on the message that comes up. 30 minute buffs, 1 hour cooldown. If it says something bad, it debuffs the entire party. The catch is it’s only usable in combat.


How about some Red Tauren energy drinks that give Stamina and Haste?


I just want the chance to be silly from time to time. Come on Blizz lets have some fun.

The ant and the grasshopper

Here we are, the Burning Crusade is winding down and the long dark winter of the Wrath of the Litch King is approaching. it makes me think of the story of the grasshopper and  the ant.


The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer
long, building his house and laying up supplies for
the winter. The grasshopper thinks he’s a fool and
laughs and dances and plays the summer away. Come
winter, the ant is warm and well fed. The grasshopper 
has no food or shelter so he dies out in the cold


Like the ants in the story some folks are starting to stockpile money and materials like the Wrath of the Litch King is the long cold winter they need to prepare for. They grind materials, they do dailies stockpiling gold, they have bank alts full of stack upon stack of crafting materials for the next phase of the game. in short they are prepared.


Then like the grasshopper there are those more worried about having fun now. Stockpiling things by accident at best. spending more time on doing whatever seems fun at the time than worrying about what will happen when the long dark night of leveling in a new area comes to pass. They simply trust that whatever they need will be found along the way.



I can’t speak for you but I am a grasshopper. I will keep goofing around and having fun for now, leveling my alts and going wherever the winds carry me. When the time comes I will travel light and live off the land. Only time will tell which way was the wisest choice.


Epic flyer for half price in WotLK

What do you mean half price! Blizzard has said more than once the price won’t go down!

Well the answer to that is that it won’t go down, and yet it will. Confused yet? Good, that was the whole point.  I told you you could get it for half price….. I just didn’t say when. Do I sound like a double talking politician yet?  Some guy on latenight TV selling a pyramid scheme? An infomercial telling you how it slices and dices for only $19.95?


Whether you have seen it your self or just heard us old codgers whining about it you know how a dollar just doesn’t go as far as it used to. A hamburger cost a quarter in the 1950’s and it costs a buck and a half today.  A car you could once buy for a few thousand dollars now costs more than a *&^%* HOUSE did 30 years ago. 

What is this evil trend called? Inflation of course. Inflation is bad, it makes our money stretch further each day trying to cover the ever increasing costs of things with the same salary. But that is the real world, not the world of warcraft.

In warcraft Inflation works in reverse. You saw it as you leveled when the mobs dropped more and more money, when the quests started to give silver instead of copper, then gold instead of silver. Remember when you really wished you had a few gold to buy some bags for your shiny new character? when having 500G for your epic riding skill was tons of cash?  In WotLK we will be saying the same about 5000G for our epic flier.

Think for a moment, they want us exploring the new content. They don’t want us at level 80 going back and blitzing our way through the level 70 dailies like they aren’t even there. How are they going to do that? The rewards will have to justify staying in Northrend when we could have an easier time of it back in “old outlands” The rewards will have to be higher.

Think for a moment about how much easier it is to go through a level 60 now. It takes about half the time it would have at 60 to do the same quests there, maybe less. The only way to get players to spend twice the time on their dailies  is to double the reward. If a quest gives 10G now, they will need to give 20G or better to keep us in northrend.

The way I see it with the price staying the same and our earning potential going up its like inflation in reverse. The thing I am really spending is my time, the gold just represents how much of it I have invested. I see one of two things happening.

If the new dailies pay the same as the old I go to outlands and do them in half the time, getting my epic flier for half the time investment it would have cost at level 70.

If the new dailies pay enough to keep me doing them I make more money in the same amount of time I spend on dailies now, still getting it for half the time investment.

You thought I was talking about gold? Nope, Blizzard has said they won’t lower the price. The fact is they don’t have to. I am going to get it for half the time investment, and for that I tip my hat to inflation.


Engineering changes I would like to see in WotLK

As I was sitting thinking about the expansion today I began bouncing around a few ideas for changes that I would like to see to engineering. Things I figure will make it more fun and more useful at the same time. I am sure none will actually happen because I am suggesting them, my luck just kinda goes that way. They really would be nice to see though. Here are the ten I think are the most realistic to implement without unbalancing the game in any way I could see.


1. An engineering bandage machine. 10 charges applies a bandage to the target, has a separate “bandaged” timer than normal bandages. ( would be right up there with lightwell in effectiveness, but at least it wouldn’t cost me a talent point)

2. Goblin army knife, a multi tool that combines the effects of all the other tools an enginner uses but only occupies one bag slot.

3. An engineering scope with +hit, if not a new one make the old one available as a rep reward craft-able with modern mats.

4. An engineering craftable gun that actually has stats for folks who rely on their guns the most, say hunters for instance.

5. A repair bot that also functions as a portable mailbox, it would be so nice to pick up more bullets/potions/food/whatever without having to inconvenience the rest of my group by hearthing and catching a re summons.

6. An engineering craft-able land mount, available in both standard (level 40) speed and epic (level 60) speed. They would require the appropriate riding skill of course.  I am thinking of something that looks like a segway.

7. A normal walking speed craftable engineering mount available at engineering level 80. bop so it would require level 10 at least. would give absolutely no advantage at all within the game, would just look kinda neat.

8. An inscription for the engineering transponders that would enable them to function for all party members, kinda like a mage portal but limited by having only the two transport points. Would also require a reagent for each use.

9. Goblin anti tank mine, roots a tank or other siege weapon in place for 30 seconds, can only be triggered by siege weapons and tanks. charges 1, 45 second cooldown. crowd control for the new world pvp.

10. An inscription to make goblin jumper cables xl  work 100% of the time to revive the target, however there will still be a 50% chance that a malfunction will occur killing the engineer using them. This one alone would make having a hunter or rogue engineer valuable for raiding as a last ditch “living soulstone”.

These are just a few random ramblings I thought of this morning. They might be interesting, or more likely are just proof I should never blog before coffee.


Edit: looks like a bit of this has actually come to pass, check out the followup here: someone out there was listening