Epic flyer for half price in WotLK

What do you mean half price! Blizzard has said more than once the price won’t go down!

Well the answer to that is that it won’t go down, and yet it will. Confused yet? Good, that was the whole point.  I told you you could get it for half price….. I just didn’t say when. Do I sound like a double talking politician yet?  Some guy on latenight TV selling a pyramid scheme? An infomercial telling you how it slices and dices for only $19.95?


Whether you have seen it your self or just heard us old codgers whining about it you know how a dollar just doesn’t go as far as it used to. A hamburger cost a quarter in the 1950’s and it costs a buck and a half today.  A car you could once buy for a few thousand dollars now costs more than a *&^%* HOUSE did 30 years ago. 

What is this evil trend called? Inflation of course. Inflation is bad, it makes our money stretch further each day trying to cover the ever increasing costs of things with the same salary. But that is the real world, not the world of warcraft.

In warcraft Inflation works in reverse. You saw it as you leveled when the mobs dropped more and more money, when the quests started to give silver instead of copper, then gold instead of silver. Remember when you really wished you had a few gold to buy some bags for your shiny new character? when having 500G for your epic riding skill was tons of cash?  In WotLK we will be saying the same about 5000G for our epic flier.

Think for a moment, they want us exploring the new content. They don’t want us at level 80 going back and blitzing our way through the level 70 dailies like they aren’t even there. How are they going to do that? The rewards will have to justify staying in Northrend when we could have an easier time of it back in “old outlands” The rewards will have to be higher.

Think for a moment about how much easier it is to go through a level 60 now. It takes about half the time it would have at 60 to do the same quests there, maybe less. The only way to get players to spend twice the time on their dailies  is to double the reward. If a quest gives 10G now, they will need to give 20G or better to keep us in northrend.

The way I see it with the price staying the same and our earning potential going up its like inflation in reverse. The thing I am really spending is my time, the gold just represents how much of it I have invested. I see one of two things happening.

If the new dailies pay the same as the old I go to outlands and do them in half the time, getting my epic flier for half the time investment it would have cost at level 70.

If the new dailies pay enough to keep me doing them I make more money in the same amount of time I spend on dailies now, still getting it for half the time investment.

You thought I was talking about gold? Nope, Blizzard has said they won’t lower the price. The fact is they don’t have to. I am going to get it for half the time investment, and for that I tip my hat to inflation.



5 Responses

  1. *gets out walking stick and hearing aid*

    500G? 500G! I remember back in the day when an epic riding mount cost 1000G! And we all got to rank 3 in PVP and made sure we were honored with our home faction so we could make that only 800G.

    Uphill, both ways, grinding dragonkin in Winterspring.

    (actually… I remember back before there were ranks in PVP too… but I wasn’t level 60 yet)

    On a more serious note though, I worry what this will mean for new players and people leveling alts. On Feathermoon right now, level 15 greens and blues sell for 2-5 GOLD each.

  2. Any ideas what the PVP honor point costs will be at lvl 80? will we have inflation there as well?

  3. No idea really, I don’t follow PVP much at all (something like 100 HK’s in 2 years spread over 3 70’s and assorted alts)However I doubt that there will be inflation on of the same magnitude if any at all.

    I mostly refer to things that have a fixed cost requiring less effort when you get higher earnings potential.

    Consider the basic ground mount. Training and mount together at level 30 is about 40 gold. While that is a sizable chunk of change at level 30, by the time you reach level 70 its 15 or 20 minutes knocking out a few dailies. Hell my repair bill for a night of raiding is more than a basic ground mount is now.

  4. You totally failed to take into account that a portion of the gold reward you got at level 70 for dailies is actually the XP you would get converted into gold. It’s a sizeable portion of the 10 gold rewards. Now that WotLK is actually out, you can go back and you’ll see that over half of the gold you got from dailies wastn’t the reward, it was the xp conversion.

    Those 10 gold dailies won’t give you 10 gold once you are level 80 because of this (as they are worth very little xp to a level 80).

    Nice rant, I guess, but dude, learn game mechanics.

  5. @Jagrid For what its worth, I just went back to the isle and busted out a couple of dailies to check. they pay 4g 45s at level 80. I did understand that at the time I wrote the post, perhaps I could have made it a bit clearer. This was not a post discussing game mechanics, it was a post discussing basic economics.

    That does not change the fact that at 80 I make about twice the gold questing that I made at 70.

    The point of the post, which you seem to have missed, is that with us making more money at 80 and the price of epic flying has stayed the same. So the amount of work needed to get epic flying has gone down considerably.

    That was the point.

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